Clover Valley Community Church's History

Pastor Bob Ziebarth Arrived

The Ziebarths
The Ziebarths
Photo Courtesy of Village Missions
The second Village Missionsaries to Clover Valley were Bob and Sharyne Ziebarth.

The Ziebarths arrived at Clover Valley Community Church in July of 1976. Later that year the Lord blessed them with a son, Jonathan. Another blessing, daughter Sara, arrived during 1978.

"Pastor Ziebarth was one of the most active pastors and did much for the church," relates Mrs. Englert. "He visited all the people in the community getting a larger congregation, he formed youth groups and a choir, and had Sunday School programs. He also took care of all the church grounds."

The Ziebarth family served the Lord at Clover Valley until August of 1981. After leaving Clover Valley, the Lord blessed them with two more children - Rebecca and Krista.

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