Clover Valley Community Church's History

Clover Valley Sunday School Organized

Before 1942, the people who lived in the Clover Valley area had a long way to travel in order to attend church or take their children to Sunday School. Because of this, the people decided to start a local Sunday School. Charter member Mrs. Vera Englert still lives in the area and continues to attend the Clover Valley Community Church.

"The nearest church and Sunday School was in Woodland," Mrs. Englert explains. "That being too far to attend, the families - most with young children - living in the Clover Valley area called a meeting which was held in the Clover Valley School."

Clover Valley School
Clover Valley School
Photo courtesy of The Daily News
At the meeting, all agreed to try to start a Sunday School in the area. The Clover Valley school was located in the valley and was unoccupied on Sundays. The group contacted the Clover Valley School board and received permission to use two rooms of the school for the purpose of starting a Sunday School. The charter members were the Terrys, Blanche Jones, Bob and Vera Englert, Lily Robbins, and Jennie Gibson.

"Clover Valley Sunday School was organized in May of 1942," continues Mrs. Englert. "Howard Thomas, a religious man, taught the older children and adults while Lily Robbins taught the young ones. Mr. Thomas also acted as the Superintendent.

"After Mr. Thomas, the next acting pastor was Mr. Alton Maynard.

"Clover Valley School District, being a rich district due to Ariel Dam and logging, was taken over by the Woodland School District. We then had to get consent from that school board to continue holding our meetings there."

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