Clover Valley Community Church's History

New Building: Congregation and Volunteers Begin Work

In 2002, members of the church decided to start working on the new building project themselves. Several non-member volunteers also joined the work force. Ken Clark was the main project foreman from this point on – thank you Ken! Charlie Farnell, Roy Reaves, Tracy Robinson, and Mike Sours also supervised and coordinated volunteers.

Steel stud framing was first on the list of projects. Walls were raised from the floor to roof, using scaffolding and lifts. Building the stage was next. Challenges and obstacles were encountered and overcome, with the Lord’s help. "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,'' says the LORD Almighty.""

The heating and alarm systems were contracted out. Electrical was contracted out, but church members also helped with the wiring. Mike and Jan Webster volunteered and did a great job on the plumbing. Thank you Mike and Jan!

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