Clover Valley Community Church's History

New Building: First Service on New Year's Eve

On Friday December 29th, the congregation received word from the county – temporary occupancy was granted! December 31st was set for the first service, only two days away.

Saturday December 30th saw people of all ages preparing for the first service. Carpets were vacuumed, paneling was installed, windows were washed, hymnbooks and furniture were carried from the old building to the new building. The freshly graveled parking lot was smoothed, the piano was tuned, and the organ was transported from the old building to the new building in the bucket of Ben Sours’ backhoe! Everything was coming together with the Lord's help.

Sunday December 31st dawned bright and beautiful. The "morning was all smiles, hugs, and the wearing of the color purple both to celebrate the occasion and to match the color of the carpeting,"" relates Linda Gustafson.

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