Clover Valley Community Church's History

New Building: New Building: Hard Hats for Christ Join the Project

Fall 2005 saw Hard Hats for Christ join the project with the arrival of Duane Atkinson and Lou & Kathy Aschenbrenner. Hard Hats were contacted at the suggestion of Pastor Dave and Linda. What a blessing to have these dear folks on the project full time to help supervise and coordinate volunteers any time of the day! Duane made good use of his expertise in sheetrock work, while Lou spent countless hours working on the details of the multi-angled, hanging ceiling. Kathy helped wherever she was needed and documented the project through photos and journaling. All of them also helped direct other volunteers on the project. Special thanks to Ken Clark for being the coordinator between the church and Hard Hats.

Hard Hats for Christ is a Christian organization dedicated to assisting missionary organizations with construction projects, both in the US and abroad. They are made up of full-time construction missionaries as well as volunteer retired couples (called RV'ers). They have volunteers skilled in almost all areas of building construction. To learn more about Hard Hats, visit

People nationwide were kept up to date on the project through e-mails (thank you Linda Gustafson!) and pictures posted on the Clover Valley web site. Finances and workers began showing up from far and wide to help the local volunteers with the project! Minnie provided donuts and the ladies of the church made lunches daily for the volunteers.

Winter 2005 saw duct work and framing finished up and Lou began work on the very challenging, multi-angled, hanging ceiling. Sheetrock was hung, insulation installed, and mudding/taping began! Tile was laid and walls were painted. Jim Kellar, Don MacKay, and Ernie Miller were at the project daily working with Hard Hats and other volunteers. Sometimes people would show up after their regular work day and work long into the night.

Summer 2006 came and Hard Hats had to move on to help other ministries. Work continued at Clover Valley - windows were trimmed, and cabinets and Formica were installed.

Fall 2006 saw carpet arrive, concrete walkways poured, and interior doors hung. A memorial service for Sharon Wilson was held in the nearly completed building to honor one of her final requests. The new building was filled to overflowing with guests for the memorial!

In October, Lou and Kathy Aschenbrenner agreed to come help on the project once again, much to the joy of the church family! Thank you Lou and Kathy. Once again, you were and are an answer to our prayers.

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