Clover Valley Community Church's History

Clover Valley Community Church Founded

"Clover Valley Sunday School became Clover Valley Community Church in 1957 with the help of Rev. Rodger R. Irwin," explains Mrs. Englert. "It was with his help that we were then able to acquire different Reverends and Pastors."

No longer having any use for the facility, the Woodland School District sold the Clover Valley School buildings and property to the Clover Valley Community Church sometime during the 1960's. Since then, the church has sold some of the land on the west side of the building and bought some land on the east side.

During the church's first years, school desks were used instead of pews. However, when the Woodland Christian Church remodeled their buildings, half of their old pews came to Clover Valley. The other half went to another church on the other side of the river. No one can recall whether the pews were donated or purchased. It is believed that the piano originally belonged to the school and was purchased with the buildings.

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